CCG, a leading American High End Facilities Specialist have chosen to work with C2 Consult in Asia and the Middle East as they have found C2 to possess the requisite expertise and skill sets to complement and supplement their organization. Both C2 and CCG share similar culture, philosophy and work ethics.

CCG Facilities Integration Incorporated is a leading Data Centre Consulting organization, providing integrated program management, architectural, engineering and technology consulting services to organizations involved in the development and operation of technology-intensive facilities.


Baltimore, Maryland



San Francisco, California


Jersey City, New Jersey



45 Persons


CCG have undertaken various Data Centre Consultancy projects in US for large users such as America Online, Sentinel, VISA, Sprint, AboveNet Communications, Citigroup, the Pentagon, Computer Sciences, just to name a few.
In Malaysia, C2 and CCG has worked together in the review, analysis and acceptance of Computer Sciences Corporation’s Data Centre Upgrade project.


B Barcelona Consulting - Architecture & Engineering aims to offer its clients technical support by means of consulting, managing and ultimately advising to help outsource the complete or partial deployment of its essential infrastructures.
B Barcelona Consulting has wide experience in the area of mission critical infrastructures, in which its partners have been involved for many years. Some of the projects in Spain includes AStar-Computational Resource Centre, Orange / France Telecom, Catalana de Telecomunicacions, Albertis Telecom, Centre de Telecomunicacions, Institut Cartografic de Catalunya, Catalunya Radio and CCMA and many more.

The professionals of B Barcelona are accredited with the highest professional credentials related to data centre design, including Uptime Institute ATD and Datacenter Dynamics DCS. Moreover, with regards to energy efficiency and sustainability, the team is proud of its individual membership in The Green Grid association as well as Green Building Council Spain (GBCe), providing a privileged understanding in the latest developments of the sector.