Our Philosophy


We believe the following to be essential to the success of the Project:

1. Proven technical design and solution for maximum reliability and operations availability

2. Integration and combination of the various component technologies to form a coherent solution

3. A facility that will support operations in terms of

  1. High Availability covering all aspects of system and network uptime
  2. Efficiency in terms of operating and personnel support
  3. Security and protection of its system, data, assets and personnel
  4. Flexibility to meet dynamic changes and future requirements

4. Competitive Cost of Initial investment and low long term running costs

We are confident our designs and set up will reflect the highest specifications and quality to meet the operating environment that your organization requires.

The overall system uptime is primarily based on performance, quality of service and availability of the Data Centre. The data centre has to support the level of service availability required by providing highly reliable support facilities in terms of power continuity, proper cooling, protection and security, and access. The designs have to incorporate subsequent expansion of the centre, allowing infrastructure support for additional computer equipment and system, and installation of these supporting systems without disruption to on-going operations. The philosophy of fault tolerance and total systems availability of the facility is therefore our standard approach to design.